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Despite a surprise downpouring of rain, the King Farm Neighbors Village successfully hosted the second annual CarFit event for King Farm residents on Thursday, September 27, 2018. 


CarFit is a free, interactive and educational program that teaches mature drivers how to make their personal vehicle “fit” them to increase safety and comfort behind the wheel. 


The CarFit program is designed by The American Occupational TherapyAssociation, AAA and AARP. 


CarFit provides an opportunity for senior drivers to bring their cars to a team of trained technicians and an oc- cupational therapist for a 20-minute assessment of their fit to their cars.

Two technicians review and teach each driver in 12 key areas:


  • driver pre-measurements
  • blind spot check and mirror adjustments
  • head restraint
  • vehicle controls (lights, high beams, wipers, turn signals)
  • seat belt use/adjustment
  • positioning to gas and brake pedals
  • steering wheel tilt
  • mirror adjustments and neck mobility
  • distance between chest and airbag
  • warning devices (emergency flashers, horn)
  • line of sight above steering wheel
  • final review (tire traction, adaptive devices, ease of en-


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